PT DSG Surya Mas Indonesia ("PTDSG")

PTDSG was founded on 25 April 1997 by DSGIL holding approximately 60% and Mr. Abdul Alek Soelystio, an Indonesian citizen, holding 40% with registered share capital of Rupiah 28,824 million divided into 12,000 ordinary shares at par value of Rupiah 2,402,000 and paid-up share capital of 7,200 shares at total value of Rupiah 17,294.40 million, with the objective to operate a business of manufacturing disposable baby diapers and distributing the products through PT Panca TalentaMas in Indonesia. (PT Panca TalentaMas is 95% owned by such Indonesian partner).
In December 2007, PTDSG issued 3,800 ordinary shares, of which DSGT was allotted 2,280 shares and Mr. Abdul Alek Soelystio was allotted with 1,520 shares. As at December 31, 2008, the subscription was completed with paid-up share capital of 11,000 shares. Therefore, DSGT held approximately 60% with 6,599 shares while the local shareholder held approximately 40% with 4,400 shares.

In December 2010, DSGT acquired the remaining of the 40% of the paid-up share capital of PTDSG from Mr. Abdul Alek Soelystio, and PTDSG became a wholly owned subsidiary of DSGT.