DSG International (Thailand) Public Company Limited ("DSGT") was established in Thailand on 20 May 1994 to operate disposable baby and adult diapers business both manufacturing and distribution, and was listed on the Stock Exchange of Thailand in 2006. Currently, the company has its subsidiaries and owns the facilities, locating in Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia and Singapore.

  • - Relaunch of BabyLove PlayPants NanoPowerPlus with its latest innovation ‘plus’ faster drying, is improved with double absorbent layers that provides quick absorbency and faster drying.
  • - Relaunch of product innovation “BabyLove PlayPants” with patent technology of NanoPower
  • - Launching of Certainty DayPants and Re-launching of Certainty SuperPants (formerly “Certainty Active”) in Thailand
  • - DSGT was granted the Award of ‘Thailand’s Top Corporate Brand Rising Star 2014’ in the category of highest growth in corporate brand value in the sector of consumer products on September 18, 2014
  • - Our award-winning project, namely “Feel Deeply Gratified with Certainty Adult Diaper” received ‘AMCHAM CSR Excellence Recognition 2014’ award organized by the American Chamber of Commerce in Thailand CSR Committee
  • - DSGMSB relocated its production plant from Subang Jaya to its fully integrated warehouse and production facilities in Telok Panglima Garang Banting, Selangor, Malaysia
  • - Launching of BabyLove DayPants
  • - DSG Management Services (Thailand) Company Limited (“DMS”) was founded in Thailand
2012 DSGT operated a new warehouse and production facilities, located at Hemaraj Saraburi Industrial Land to support future growth.
2011 DSGT acquired PT DSG from 60% to 100% shareholding
  • - Introduction of Certainty Active and Re-launching of Babylove tape new package
  • - DSGT and Mr. Ambrose Kam Shing Chan are nominated for SET AWARDS 2010 in the categories of "BEST PERFORMANCE AWARD" and "BEST CEO AWARD" respectively on November 19,2010
2009 Launching of BabyLove Playpants
2008 DSGT received SET Awards 2008 on November 21, 2008 in the best performance award: company with market capitalization less than THB 2,500 million
2006 DSGT was listed on Stock Exchange of Thailand
  • DSGT wholly owned DSGML, DSGMSB, DSGS, AMS and approximately 60% PTDSG
1998 DSG (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd ("DSGMSB") was founded in Malaysia
1997 PT DSG Surya Mas Indonesia ("PTDSG") was founded in Indonesia
1995 Disposable Soft Goods (Malaysia) Sdn Bhd ("DSGML") was founded in Malaysia
  • DSGT was founded and acquired 49% of AMS
1983 Disposable Soft Goods (S) Pte Limited ("DSGS") was founded in Singapore
  • Advanced Medical Supply Company Limited ("AMS") was founded in Thailand
DSG International (Thailand) Public Company Limited